Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny Girl

We have been THROUGH it this week, and I'm not sure that we're done with this stomach bug since Jack has still yet to show any signs of it.

Anyway, a while back, Jack said that he hated something. I calmly explained to him that we didn't say that we 'hate' anything, but if we don't like something, we just say that "I don't really like that." I have found myself saying the word 'hate' more than I thought, and I only notice because these kids catch me! Like today...Avery had just thrown up for the first time around 4:30am and I was holding her and said, "Oh my Avery, I hate it when you're sick! Mommy just wants to make it all better!" In her very quiet, raspy, sick, morning voice she says, "Mommy, we don't talk about hating things." Way to teach me, Avery.

Off to put these babes to bed, and spray some more Lysol!