Monday, April 26, 2010


My babies love a schedule. Monday through Friday routine of school 9:30-1:30, getting home at 1:50, snack from about 1:50-2:00, nap 2-4, 'help' me make dinner and pick up toys some time between 4 and 6, dinner, bath, bed at 7:30...they thrive on it, know what to expect, etc. And being a teacher, I love schedules, lists, organization. But sometimes I feel like all I am is one big organizer. Each night, I make sure the laundry is done, the clothes are picked out for the week, lunches packed, kitchen cleaned, folders from school are checked...and in all of this, I feel like I am missing the part of being a mommy. I'm so overwhelmed with what has to be done and completing my to-do lists that I end up not spending much time just hanging out with my babies. It's after they go to bed that I realize that I don't know how much I really played with them in the midst of our busy-ness. Do I get things done? Yes. Am I stressed about making sure things are just right? All the time. Does this affect how I speak to my children? Of course. And I hate it. I need to learn how to prioritize in a major way. So, since they're all napping, I'm going to go make lunches for tomorrow, get things ready for dinner tonight, and finish another load of laundry. Hopefully I can enjoy the preciousness today!

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