Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$50 Grocery Challenge Take 2

***Disclaimer...If you have absolutely NO interest in couponing, stop reading now. This is lengthy! ;)

I DID IT! I went to both CVS and Kroger this week, got everything that we needed, plus some, and spent under $50! I am so proud...it's the little things in life! :) Last week, I was pretty close after going to Kroger, but the fact that I went a little bit over really kinda bothered me, even though I said that I was happy with it. Since I went over, I decided not to attempt CVS last week. It was nothing that we really needed, just stocking up.

That being said, here was my CVS trip:

1st Transaction
Blink eyedrops ($7.99, coupons for $2.50, get $7.99ECB)
Shout spray x3, Fantastic ($10, coupons for $3.10, then she took 2 of the instant $0.55 Shout coupons off and scanned them, so it ended up being $4.20 off), get $3.00ECB)
Vitamin Water x10 ($10, coupon for $1.00, get $5.00ECB)

I also had a $5 off $25 purchase...perfect!

So, with all of that, I would have spent
$7.99 + $10 + $10 = $27.99

Minus coupons
$27.99-$12.70 = $15.29

Then I had $3ECB from last week
$15.29 - $3 = $12.29, plus tax = $13.85 out of pocket

But don't forget those ECB that I got back! $15.99 to be exact. :)

2nd Transaction
Colgate ProClincal toothpaste x2, Colgate Wisp ($10, coupons for $1.00, get $2.00ECB)
Crest Floss ($3.49, coupon for $0.75, get $2.50ECB)
Mentos gum x2 (BOGO @ $1.79)

I also had a $5 off $15 purchase...yes!!

So, I would have spent
$10 + $3.49 + $1.79 = $15.28

Minus coupons
$15.28 - $6.75 = $8.53

I had that $15.99 in ECB from the 1st transaction, so I used $7.99 of those and paid out of pocket $1.22 after tax.

Again, I still have $8 in ECB from the 1st transaction, and earned another $4.50, for a total of $12.50ECB to start next week.

CVS Out of pocket: $15.07, earned $12.50 back for next week. Not too bad!

Then I went to Kroger (thanks, Katie, for babysitting so that I could have a peaceful trip! :) I had it all planned out, but as it happens sometimes, the deals weren't all the same as what I planned. Bummer. But, since I was shopping ALONE on a Monday morning, I had time to refigure some numbers to spend a total of $33.14.

Work it...$33.14 + $15.07 = $48.21 YES!!!

Everyone was up from their naps when I got home, so instead of staging my Kroger purchase for a picture, I put the cold stuff away and played with the babies. So no picture, but know that I got a lot of fresh stuff, 2 Tombstone pizzas, 2 gallons of milk, and chicken breasts.

FYI: If you need toothbrushes or floss right now, go to the Reach website and print some coupons for $1.00 off. I'm not sure how many they'll let you print, but I printed 2 since I already had 2. Certain types of Reach toothbrushes and floss are on sale for $10/10, so you get them for free with the coupons!

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