Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy, Busy

Since school started for Jack and Avery last Thursday, I feel like we have been busier than we were all summer long! Maybe it's because Jay's at work and I have the three to myself, but it's been busy!

Of course Jack and Avery say hillarious things everyday, but yesterday they were on a roll! I wanted to get these written down so I wouldn't forget! I'm giving you a little bit of background for each of these stories, because they don't really make sense without it, so bear with me. :)

Jack goes to school on Mondays, and I kept Avery out this year just to have some special time with her. I was worried that she was going to get upset that Jack got to go and she didn't, so I made sure to plan something fun so that she'd have something to look forward to. While we were in the car line at school, I heard this:
A: "Jack, I'm really gonna miss you when you at (s)chool."
J: "I'm gonna miss you too, Avery."
A: "But I'm so EXCITING about going to the pawk with just Mama!"
That just made my day, and confirmed the fact that I need to spend some time with her when Jack's not around. We had a lot of fun!

Avery LOVES to color. Jack pretty much hates it. He sits down to color with Avery (just to be doing the same thing that she is) but ends up scribbling on about 5 pages while Avery colors in the lines (as good as a 3 year old can). So the other day, I really praised Avery for how well she colored, using different colors and stayed in the lines. Jack asked if his picture was good, which was a dinosaur covered in blue scribble, and I told him that I wished that he would be more careful and take his time. ANYWAY, yesterday he came home with a picture from school that he had colored SO well! He stayed in the lines pretty well, AND used appropriate colors for everything! I praised and praised him for what a good job he did, and put it on the refrigerator.
**Fast forward about 3 hours...
A: (holding the picture on the fridge, and in a very excited voice) "Jack, this picture is just AWESOME! You did SUCH an AWESOME job staying in the lines!!! I am SO proud of you!"
J: "Thanks, Ave! That's why Mama put it on the frigrata!"

After naptime yesterday, Jack came in the living room very quietly and sat on the couch. He didn't say anything for about 5 minutes and then this:
J: "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm gonna ma(rr)wy Brooke from my class."
Me: "Oh really? Why?"
J: "Cause she's my fwiend."
Me: "Did you tell her about this?"
J: "Yeah, she said ok."
Me: "What does it mean to get married?"
J: "Well, you live togetta, get a ma(rr)wied wing, get a lot of money, and have cheeldwen (children)."
Me: "Oh, well you have a few years."
J: "Yeah, when I'm 18."

That's all for now...gotta run these sweeties to school!

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